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Convince yourself before any one else

Jul 25, 2017   |  Posted By, Admin

Hey guys! Here is a mantra for getting the things done.  There are several articles available on how to improve your business and marketing skills but the MANTRA of getting it done is only one. We at Labdhi Business Solutions follow the MANTRA without questioning its effectiveness because we have experienced its effect.


Presales activities are different for obvious reasons but that is only one part of doing/growing your business even though it also involves the same mantra if looked at it as a separate complete process. After the first part of sales activities or may be during the feasibility study of the potential it comes to the execution process study of the production/collection/services part of the business activity.


The second phase of the business process is where you need to think of whether you can do it or not. In most cases when the process starts it is merely because the phase one of the business process is done. This attitude in business process leads to waste of time and increases the cost. In a long term the team fades up with the process of dealing with the unknown factors of the execution.


The MANTRA of avoiding the negative effects of any process on other process is to consider it positively and convince yourself that you can achieve or get it achieved. Until you are convinced that you can get it done it will never be achieved. This is to be done at the very beginning of the process. 


1. If the Sales team goes for a sales call and he/she hasn’t convinced that they can close the deal, one thing is very sure that the deal will not be closed whether your backend team could handle it or not.

2. If the production team hasn’t convinced that they will be able to produce/deliver the product sold by sales team, however small or easy it would not be delivered or not as per expectation or not as per the time line.


The basic thing is if you need to get something done you must convince yourself that it can be done. Only a motivated person can motivate someone in positive way. If you are not convinced to achieve, your team will never achieve the things.


Next time if you have any doubts about the feasibility of the product development/project deliverables/ sales effectiveness ask yourself to hold and try to convince yourself first. If you can convince yourself consider your work to be done half way. If you fail to convince yourself drop the idea of getting it done to avoid losses.

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