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Living assets of Organization

Jul 24, 2017   |  Posted By, Admin

Any organization no matter small, medium or a large scale would always maintain its assets the best. Higher the asset value, stronger the company would be. It is certainly an undisputed fact accepted by all. Companies with high assets value tend to perform better in the market as people put more faith in the company due to high worth of assets. 


It is commonly observed that the companies are very particular about their assets maintanence work. Organizations take all the possible care to improve its asset's worth. These assets are mostly falling under the fixed or long term assets. The approach towards the living assets which referes to the team/employee of the organization should also be the same. Likewise Fixed assets where the price of the asset is always higher than the previous year. There are some employees in the organization who gain value with time and remain with the organization for quite a long term. These are few of those assets/team mates of the organization who stays with the organization through all thick and thins and be a part of the success story of the organization. 


Then, there are some employees in the organization who would quickly depriciate their value like wise the current assets of the organization. They would work as a profit and reputation deprecating agent for the organization. These are the people in the organization who would jump for a little, will question the every success plan of the organization, will produce enough negativity in the organization so as the others would fade up of it and would prefer to move away. This kind of employees are actually plays the role of a devil in disguise for any organization. They would be the first and biggest obstacle in the growth of the organization. 


It is an employee's responsibility to prove its self as Long term/Fixed asset or short term/current asset of the organization. With time current assets become  invalueable and disbursed whereas long term assets gain value and natured for better performance. 


Every employee in every organization would have it's own virtual space in the balance sheet. 


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