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Seat allotment system for Event Management Company

An event managment company running a cultural group was looking to automise their ticket allotment system. 


Complex criteria to match with allotment criteria set by the compnay and belief of the company that better than what they had was not possible with machine system. The company had approached many software development companies based in multiple locations of India. Some of the companies delivered the sytem with major bugs and some gave the accuracy level of 60% which was not acceptable to the company. 



When Labdhi Business Solutions was approached, we were told it is impossible to achieve the result beyond their latest development which delivered the accuracy of 60% and then the manual changes were allowed through application. 


Solutions provided: 

LBS team studied client's current system for allotment of tickets in various events and learnt about the chanllenges being faced by the client. LBS team provided the solution with following criteria to manage allotment of tickets / sitting arrangement to the cultural group members in different events. 

  1. Members are registered in a family
  2. All Family members are always allotted seats together. If there is a break in a row it would check for the another row/patch of same row where the family can sit together. 
  3. If there are guests with the family they will also be given seats together. 
  4. If incase the continues allotment is not possible in a patch the seats allotment would be in the one row behind in the same patch provided minimum two seats are allotted as no one likes to sit alone. 
  5. Theatre configuration in which for every theatre was configured with number rows available, Seats available in every row, and break/walk way between the row for every row after number of seats.
  6.  Configuration of patches in the theatre's sitting arrangement. Every theatre was to be broken down in 9 patches which were like top, center, bottom and left, right, middle.
  7. Seat allotment to be done like, one group/family sitting in patch TL(Top left) would be allotted the seats in Middle Center next time and Bottom right after that and it would go on like Top Middle and so on and on and on...
  8. Two rows in bottom middle were always to be left for Special guest and invitees.

All this with accuracy level of 99%.


Other functionalities: 

- Members management 

- Producing Entry passes/tickets for members 

- Manage Member fees and generating fees receipts 

- Managing events and guest ticket prices

- Various Reports

- Import / Export members data

Technology Used: JSP, Servlet, MySQL