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Flex application with JAVA

A well doing IT company was exploring the new technology "FLEX". Flex was used to create a Rich Internet Applications. This applications were based on flash. 



There were very few resources available for the application development as Flex 3 was new to market during the project develpment time in 2009. As there were very few developers available in the Indian market for FLEX development backend integration was a challange for the developing company. Despite being well versed with the open source technologies based on PHP the company had difficulties creating backend for the T-shirt Design tool they were developing for web application.



When an established IT company approached Labdhi Business Solutions to provide the solution for the backend development, it worked as a fuel for the team who were willing the take up challenging jobs. 


Solution provided:

LBS team worked hard and coordinated with the FLEX developers of the client to work out the best possible solutions for the challenge ahead. Finally with the help of FLEX team at client end and adobe support forum the team worked out the solution. The team worked hard to write the code for the FLEX application. Whole backend function was developed by the LBS team which included the functions like, 

- Fetching the image 

- Setting up the image on desired location on t-shirt 

- Regenerating the image for future use and reference 

- Admin role to manage the images 

- End user functions related to image fetching, setting, finalizing and saving 

LBS team worked hard to get the project done on time and remained on site for support while the backend was being itegrated with the FLEX design. The work was appreciated by the client which was a higher reward then the invested efforts. 


Technology Used: JSP, Servlet, MySQL