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JAVA is Our Core Strength

LabdhiBS is relying on its core strength to deliver the simple solutions for complex problems. Complex problems. Labdhi Business Solutions has designed and mechanised its core products and solutions using JAVA technologies. JAVA has always been a great technology to rely upon for any work related to solution building, innovation or product designing. 


JAVA and LabdhiBS together has its own advantages for developers, Implementors and Investors.

JAVA developers has undisputed support for anything and everything they want. They should only know what is exactly to be done. At LabddhiBS we know what is to be done and what is the best fit for our clients considering their requirement and budget. Implementors does not require any specialized knowledge for programming skills or other application operational skills as all the application designed by LabdhiBS are enough user friendly that the first time user who is involved in the company process and knows his core working pattern can learn and operate the system designed by LabdhiBS without any extra efforts. 


Investors are spared from paying Extra cost for licensing and recurring cost of systems in most cases. There are no forceful upgrades requirements as there is no obsoletion in application wirtten in JAVA. The applications developed by LabdhiBS are always functional and there is no support issues with them. We support all the applications developed by us in any version for endless time. The upgrade would only be seeked when it would actually be required and not when we upgrade our coding standards. The upgrades are always optional and not mendatory. 


Labdhi Business Solutions relies on the technology which does not have compatibility issues and more over it is platform independent. It does not make any difference on which platform you want to deploy your application and on which platform you want your clients to run. JAVA gives us that freedom. Howerver we promote Linux / Linux based OS for application deployments.