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Indexed Search in Comm-e (e-commerce)

Comm-e (e-Commerce) has an advanced search features which can attract users to come to your site again and agian also they can retain users from being gone. It provides really quick search experience with its indexed search facility. It can also correct commorn problems in searching for any product like misspelling, plurals and phonetic search.

All these are very common problems due to which on many sites people do not get their desired products even though the products are available on site. Most common problem is of not having phonetic search where people would have just heard of some name of a brand, category, product, utility etc. and would have been trying to search on those basis but due to being unaware of exact name/spelling they do not find the products/services they are looking for. Here with comm-e (e-commerce) this commonly faced problem has been resolved up to many extent.