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(Comm-e) E-commerce Products

Many products types will have different options to choose from and comm-e supports all the necessary features for that. Likewise for clothing options such as color and size for a single product is possible,. Comme allows you to configure each variation with:

  • A unique price
  • A unique SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)
  • A unique quantity
  • A unique availability date

In order to entice a shopper to buy a particular product, it helps to display multiple images taken from different angles. comme allows a product to be associated with more than one image.

Each product may be associated with multiple prices. The actual price displayed can be controlled by the customer group, so that you can display different prices for say, wholesale and retail customers.

Each product may contain structured data as well as a description. The structured data shall be used to compare the products under the same category. This is particularly useful for comparing products that may contain many options, such as digital cameras and mobile phones.

Bundles – two or more separate products can be bundled for sale. Tools to configure cost, discount and weight are provided. Quantity will automatically be managed.
Product Tags can be defined to redefine the product search criteria.