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Shipping module in Comm-e (e-Commerce)

We know that any e-commerce's success is dependant on its shipping proficiency. Better managed shipping and related facility will bring back customers. Like wise Payment module we have kept the shipping module open for selection as well. There are number of companies providing their APIs to be integrated on your site so you may choose the best delivery partner and we can make them available on your site.

Comm-e has a well defined algorythm to support different charges and methods for delivery:

  • Calculation of shipping charge based on weight, price and destination.
  • Free shipping based on order amount and destination.
  • Free shipping on a product by product basis.
  • Disabling of one or more shipping services based on a zone basis. i.e. You don’t allow the customer to select overnight shipping if the delivery destination is to the other side of the world.

With Comm-e users can trace their delivery status for orders. It supports e-mail notifications for every shipped / processed order.