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Shopping experience with Comm-e (e-commerce)

Unbelievably good shopping experience for the users. User friendly & custom interface and UI design. A simple flow of buying process for any e-commerce website powered by comme will enhance the user's approach for online shopping.

Better indexed search caters, 

  • Products can be filtered by:
    • Categories
    • Manufacturer or made
    • Price and range
    • Product Tags such as screen size for LEDs or megapixels for digital cameras.
  • Products can be sorted by
    • Name
    • Price
    • Popularity
  • Product features can be compared against the features of other similar products. This is especially useful for technical products with similar features and utility for example Vehicles, Motors, Electronic gadgets, etc..
  • There are Best Seller lists for each category to help customers make a decision.
  • There are Latest Product lists for each category so that customers can see which products are new.
  • Reviews and product ratings allow customers to see what others think about a product.
  • For each product a user can see what other products were bought by customers who bought that product.
  • Once a customer has decided which product to buy, he can be shown a list of suitable accessories and dependent products such as service plans or extended warranties.
  • Check out process