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ERP- HR & Payroll

LabdhiBS offers the following modules in HR & Payroll:

Here the system stores the data of live employees and helps the HR personnel to create the consolidated statement of salaries and other benefits availed by the employees. Payroll system has a policy configuration feature which handles the leave policy of the company along with the other terms of employment and discipline so as to be precise over the payroll management.
HR Expenses and per employee cost:
This is to make out the HR expenses over the employee welfare and other benefits provided to the employees apart from the statutory provisions to be made. This consolidated statement gives the HR cost and proportionate income which company spends after an employee. The consolidated statement of the HR cost gives an average cost to the company for an employee which also includes the salary paid and other statutory compliances made for the employee.  
Employee data:
It has all the relevant information about the employees. The information consists of Employee Code, Designation, Joining date, salary, previous company, addresses, contact details, Important events of employee’s life etc.
Attendance is maintained automatically with the system. The system can be integrated with any electronic attendance gadget or it can have a different interface for employees where they can punch their attendance by logging in. HR personnel will be able to have a close watch on the attendance and discipline level of an employee. This module communicates directly with the payroll management for the quick payroll processing with the minimum time required.
performance evaluation:
System is designed to keep the skill matrix of the employees with the other credentials. Performance evaluation is possible with the predefined / configured criteria and same will be reflected in the management and HR records. With the skill matrix it becomes easier for the management and HR division of the company to keep well maintained skill matrices of the employees which plays a vital role in the employee promotion decision making.
Attrition Rate:
Turlong’s HR module keeps a close watch over the employee turnover ratio and gives the accurate data of attrition rate so that company can take immediate action to control the attrition and retain the trained staff.
Recruitment Cost:
Hiring a right employee is really a difficult task for every organization as in the current scenario each industry is facing the higher employee turnover then before. In the given situation company’s really invest a lot in hiring a relevant and compatible employee for the position. This module will give the exact cost of hiring a new resource for the organization.