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ERP- Inventory

LabdhiBS is offering the following in Inventory Management:

Material management:
System provides the real time quantity for raw material, semi finished goods and finished goods. It calculates the stock value of each available inventory type for the accurate balancing and accounting purpose.
Inventory Requirements:
As this module is directly linked to the production, it keeps the track of the inventories in store and keeps notifying for the inventory requirements for the new production batch. It accurately maintains the data for the in store inventories under different heads.
Item Usage:
Inventory module takes input from production and furnishes the real time data for the available inventory for further processes. It also forecasts the inventory needed when any new process is started. It provides the data for material used or likely to be used.
Stock Maintenance – Alerts:
This is one of the unique features of the system which alerts the inventory / procurement manager regarding the minimum and maximum quantity to be maintained in store for a particular item. The system can be configured for alerts when the material in stores running out of stock or when it has reached it optimum storage capacity. Both are the critical situation for the company if not prompted immediately. The alerts can be set for both e-mail and SMS.
Store Management:
It keeps the data for a store wise capacity of stockpiles. This will be helpful when one stockpile is out of its capacity and the other one is to be used. Even in the same store house where more than many items are stocked it gives the accurate position of the material where it is available.
Inventory Bills & Challans:
Inventory bills and challans get the input from purchase order. Once the goods from any vendor are received the challan or Bill number is to be added in the system. when the goods are transferred to any other store or department or to the customer it generates the delivery Challans.
Inventory Order Received Module:
It is sync with inventory bills and challans module for the user friendly access. In this, the system records the inventory received information. The received goods details and quality will be compared to the actual order placed. The records shall be created for date of order, receive date, quality and quantity of the material received. Once the records are created the same would be notified to the relevant department for the payments as per the terms and conditions agreed at the time of order placed.