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ERP- Production

LabdhiBS offers the following features in ERP 

Create a standard process for the product:
System is designed and developed to serve you the best when it comes to the direct cost factor of the production. With this you may create the standard processes of producing any product. On the basis of the standard procedure system will furnish the accurate data for the actual production. There are no limitations on how many procedures you can configure for the standard procedure to produce a particular amount of a product.
Production Planning:
A directly linked module to sales order. It provides the data for the production of the goods for which the order is received. It provides the information regarding material consumption, material availability, resource requirement and availability of the resources. It also notifies regarding when the earliest the production can be taken considering the availability of the material and resources along with any chances of intervals or delays in between the processes.
Production Forecasting:
For a product which does a recurring business and requires a constant production are considered to be the key products for the company due to its quick revenue generation. System counts the allocated resources and its optimum capacity and forecast the production with material requirements and ordering schedule.
Sales Forecasting:
Likewise the system forecasts the production, it is also trained to forecast the sales. There are two ways the system can forecast the sales targets and sales activities. 
1. The average sale for the given period 
2. The sale derived out of over stocking / production