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Turlong ERP supports the following modules.
Order Form:
System generates the sales order form with the predefined formats with a unique serial number and retrieves the same data for the future reference.  The system links the sales order form to the relevant department for the accurate delivery of the goods and services.
Order Scheduling:
Turlong allows users with the privilege to choose the order shipment priority to meet the customer needs very precisely. The orders with the high priority should be taken care immediately. Depending on the delivery date and priority System chooses the best order schedule. These schedules are reflected to the relevant departments for the timely execution and prompt action.
Once the goods as per the order are prepared it is also of the prime priority to dispatch them as per the specification mentioned in the order form. Shipping module keeps all the relevant information about the shipping requirements of the client which includes packaging type, packet size, shipping mode and number of days required along with the delivery “chalan “ number and shipment doc number.
System supports the both retail out let selling and direct sales to meet the different needs of business. The invoicing module is directly linked with the shipping and inventory modules so as to be accurate billing system. It allows the leisure billing. The retail billing system supports the Barcode identification and makes it hassle free experience. 
Sales Return:
In any case the consignment is rejected or the goods have been returned, TurlongERP has a well defined sales return function through which the material can be received back against an invoice or as a generalized goods return from a particular customer/client. A well integrated function makes the process easy as all the relevant entries in finace and inventory are automized.
After Sales:
Products which require maintenance can be configured in this module and the system will keep the records of maintenance for the goods sold for the accurate customer support. It also keeps the customer feedback so as to analyze the services and after sales response. It also helps to boost the sales and bring in the recurring business from the same clientele along with the scope of product quality enhancement.
Sales Target:
This module keeps the data for company’s sales targets. Management shall decide upon the distribution of the sales target for the sales team and will keep a close watch on the achievement of the sales targets. It can be directly linked with the payroll module to support the different incentive structures and varying achievement target based compensations.