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Yo! HR Solutions (Human Resource Management System)

Yo! HR Solutions is an application for the current generation. A Human Resource Management System carved by Labdhi Business Solutions which would serve the needs of current generation organizations. Yo! HR Solutions will share your work load to manage the complex and tidious tasks of employee data management. This data flow begins with the introduction of candidate and lasts up to employee exit. All the data is likely to be preserved almost forever and should be located when needed without any cross referencing. 


Yo! HR Solutions maintains the employee life cycle in the organization and gives the entire report on a single page. Employee's entire journey in the organization would be shown on a single page. Ex employee's basic data can also be migrated to Yo! HR Solutions. 


Yo! HR Solutions is basically a system for current generation with all the necessary compliences. Most importantly it can fit almost any industry of any size. Just like any other high level and expensive HRMS(Human Resource Management System) available in the market, it supports configurations at many levels to suit any organization's payroll and leave policies.