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i-edit content management system by Labdhi

i-edit is a unique content management system which is designed keeping in mind that there is no need of being techno savvy to manage the contents of your own site. It is designed for those who wants to keep the hold over their website on their own and do not want to be dependent on technical people who can do the necessary change for them every now and then.

i-edit is ideally made for those who feel that the website represents their global presence and it should be kept regularly updated. As it is mentioned earlier i-edit is a product which serves you the best by making it as easy as working on a word processing application and make it possible to go live immediately without any extra efforts.

The most adorable features of i-edit

  • Content Manager
  • Media manager
  • Picture gallery
  • Meta tag editor
  • Menu manager
  • User management
  • Publish changes